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NEW RELEASE: Have Mercy, Book 3 in the Mercy Me series

I know it's been a while, nearly two years actually, since I last published something but you have to admit A LOT has happened in the world over the last year and a half and of course there's always more happening behind the obvious.

For starters I went back to school and started working towards a college diploma in Library & Information Services. As a mom of two teenagers who works at a library, (go figure) and lives on a 10 acre farm property, you can imagine my schedule was pretty packed. What was interesting though was how I never lost the yearning to write. No matter how many assignments piled up or how crazy my day planner got I felt a true and urgent need to write. And so I would carve out bits and pieces of time to gets some words on the page and move the story forward. The extra effort has been worth it though. Achieving my diploma is within spitting distance and I am nearly there.

In addition to my increased responsibilities, I also suffered a high degree of personal loss. My house has always been a menagerie of furry friends, canine and feline mostly, and they are all like family to me with their own personalities, likes and dislikes, that makes me adore them all the more. So it goes without saying that when a furry family member passes away I am a wreck, and remain so for sometime. I don't feel I ever move past the grief but rather the grief becomes a part of my natural state of being. I become one with it. I sit with it. Cry over it. And get super, super comfortable with it.

In total I lost 3 cats, and 3 dogs and my most beloved Grandmother all in the span of 18 months. It has been traumatizing and I feel as if the story of it all deserves a blog post of it's own, so I shall spare you the details for now, except to say each loss felt like a gash to my soul and this affected my ability to work on my writing in any true. meaningful way.

And of course, the world-wide pandemic has certainly put a kink in many people's well laid plans. As someone who suffers from anxiety, I can say that the challenges of lockdowns and the future unknowns have caused no end of turmoil and rendered me useless some days, which also affected my ability to tackle the book.

In short, this book kicked my butt. Taking all the challenges stated above into account, I can definitely say this is one of the most difficult books I have ever written. Match that with a deep passion of mine to produce the best story I possibly can each and every time I set out to write something, it's no wonder I had a hell of time getting this finished and polished enough to share.

I am over-the-moon excited to finally have this book, HAVE MERCY, out in readers' hands so they can enjoy some escapism, learn something new and perhaps get lost in Victorian Toronto along the way.


Book 3 in the Mercy Me Mysteries

Mercy Eaton vowed to never set foot inside the Mercer Reformatory for Women again after spending nearly a year confined to one of its holding cells. When her beau, Detective Jeremiah Walker, asks for her assistance with a murder case involving the prison, Mercy outright refuses.

When she realizes the ghost who’s been relentlessly haunting her for days is the same murdered woman Walker came to speak to her about, Mercy is forced to reconsider.

Before long Mercy finds herself deep in the prison’s clutches, embroiled once again in the sordid nature of unjust imprisonment and confronted by demons she’d long since left at the prison gates. As her relationship with Walker hangs by a thread, and with her sanity in question, Mercy puts everything on the line to solve the young woman’s murder and to finally put her own tortured past to rest.

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