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Another Marshall House Installment!

Are you looking for something to read this holiday season? Perhaps something dark but ultimately uplifting?

Allow me to introduce to you the long-awaited installment, WARM HANDS COLD HEART, a Marshall House Christmas Mystery, 7th book in the series and the newest book that has taken a prominent position on my book shelf!

Recently married and awaiting the birth of her first child, Margaret Davies takes a position at Wendall Hall, a privately funded charity for unwed, expectant women in a small town east of Edinburgh. With Christmas around the corner and a number of birthing rooms empty, Margaret and Wendall Hall founder Violet Bane turn their attention to the babies in the nursery, ensuring they arrive at their adoptive homes in time for the holidays.

Wendall Hall’s Christmas preparations take an unexpected turn, however, when a body is discovered in a snowbank outside the Hall’s side door the day following a harrowing storm. It doesn’t take long for Margaret to realize not everything is what it seems at the benevolent charity. Decades-old secrets lurk in the shadows of the old manor house, secrets that go far beyond penniless women trying to hide their scandalous pregnancies, secrets Violet Bane had meant to take with her to the grave.

Do you remember when I said the number 7 was a meaningful number to me? Mercy Me, my book released in June, may have been my 7th published novel, but WARM HANDS COLD HEART, the newest MARSHALL HOUSE book is 7th in the series. 2018 has been a great year for sevens!

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