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New Book Release: MERCY ME

Seven has always been a magical number for me. I am constantly looking for the number seven, or a combination of numbers to create seven in my daily life. When I signed up for my first cell phone I refused to take any number without three sevens. When we purchased the house we currently live in I took the seven in the street number as a good sign (which has also featured prominently in the street address of the last 4 homes we've lived in). Right now we own six cats and I'm constantly telling my husband we are lopsided because we don't have seven. So it's no surprise that I feel a special connection to my newest book, my seventh published novel.

Surprisingly it's not the 7th in the Marshall House series (that one comes out in the fall), but rather a the first book in a new series set in Canada, my home and native land. While the number seven is magical for me, my new book, MERCY ME, is pretty magical too. Mercy Marigold Eaton is a very special character, able to piece together the lives of those who have passed with a single touch.

It's a safe to say she has one special gift, but what she can't do is divine the future, or actually communicate with the dead but don't tell any of her clients that! Forced to raise her daughter alone Mercy turns her connection with the dead in a thriving livelihood and does well for herself in the bustling Victorian city of Toronto, far away from the troubles of her past.

Her world is turned upside down, however, when she is unwittingly swept up in to a double murder investigation led by the dashing, and exceedingly skeptical, Jeremiah Walker, detective with the Toronto Police. Fighting her own demons rooted in a deep distrust of the law, Mercy quickly finds herself falling for his charms until she finds out he's a married man.

MERCY ME is currently available in ebook and paperback!

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