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T.L. Ward is the historical mystery author behind the Marshall House and Mercy Me mystery series.


Mercy Me


Mercy Marigold Eaton has a special connection with the dead, able to piece together the lives of those who have passed on with a single touch. When an injured man nearly dies in her arms she isn’t given much time to work her magic before Detective Jeremiah Walker arrives and places her and her fraudulent fortune telling business under suspicion.


A day later the body of a woman matching a description given by Mercy is found in Toronto's derelict neighbourhood The Ward, leaving Walker no choice but to involve her in the case. Wary and fighting her own demons rooted in mistrust of the law, Mercy uses the skills she herself doesn't fully understand to give the detective the clues he so desperately needs.


Thrust together by circumstances even Mercy couldn't predict, the pair soon finds themselves falling for each others' charms. In an effort to remove temptation Walker pushes forward without her, not realizing the killer has already darkened Mercy Eaton's front door.

It's like Downton Abbey...but darker

Amazon Review


CSI meets Sherlock Holmes with a little bit of Jack the Ripper thrown in

Tracy L. Ward

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